Amy Schumer, SuperPredator!

Amy SchumerPhoto Credit: 92YTribeca | Flickr

In a video posted on the InfoWars website, Alex Jones has some strong words regarding comedy darling Amy Schumer and her cozy relationship with the Hollywood elite.

Referring to an ad for web content apparently written by Ms. Schumer, he says, “It’s easy to get lost in the sea of deception, in this ocean of these horrible people making fun of their prey that they see as the American people and the people of the world”.

“Enter Amy Schumer – Superpredator! This lady is the jewel in the crown of Hollywood and the establishment media pushing their anti-family, anti male agenda” Jones says.  “This is the arrogance of the sociopath”

Speaking about the web content written by Schumer, Jones says, “The reason this piece of deception is so important is that it’s so pure.  Every line she writes, until the end, is a deception, but even that itself is a bigger lie, only true on the surface.”

Not wanting his audience to feel helpless, his closing is a call to action.  “That’s why it’s essential to fund” he says. “We’re running a sale throughout the weekend, 30-40% off on all storable foods.”

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