Fake News? Not Here.


Alt-right news site Breitbart News lauded itself today for being the only media outlet that has not been compromised by fake news, after they decided not to publish a fake news article yesterday.

Breitbart reported that UK-based site The Independent published a report of a Tweet claiming that television news network CNN aired pornographic content on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown television program on Thanksgiving Day.

As the story developed, it became apparent that CNN was the victim of a fake news story. Breitbart explains:

“Fake news is the new phenomenon emerging in the wake of Donald Trump’s landslide victory whereby establishment outlets are targeting new media outlets that are booming in growth while establishment media crumbles.”

Intent on upholding its high journalistic standards, Breitbart reports that it did not run the fake news story, and CNN later confirmed that no pornographic material had been aired. Breitbart had been reluctant to run the story without key details, which they were unable to confirm due to a series of confusing circumstances, and not because it was Thanksgiving Day and they weren’t really working that day.

Breitbart praised itself for its high journalistic integrity, stating:

“…Breitbart News is one of the only places you can trust to take the time and make the effort to get it right before rushing click bait online. The rest of the media is compromised, even CNN — and CNN is even compromised when it comes to information about CNN.”

Breitbart provided no mention as to the status of its Pulitzer Prize consideration.

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