Border Agents Survive Mexican Attack

U.S. Border Patrol | FLACK NewsBorder Patrol | Photo Credit: Donna Burton

On November 25, while most Americans were home enjoying dinner with their families, U.S. Border Patrol Agents working on the Rio Grande River sustained no injuries from rocks thrown at them by Mexican nationals on the Mexican side of the river, Breitbart News reports.

Three Mexicans began throwing rocks at the border agents when their boat came within range. The boat did not sustain any damage, and the agents sustained no injuries. A tense standoff between heavily armored American Border Patrol agents and rock-wielding Mexican nationals was averted by quick-thinking Border Patrol agents who deftly maneuvered their fanboat well out of range of the assailants.

Reports that the rock-throwing Mexicans were teenagers were not confirmed. They remain at large after quickly fleeing the scene.

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