Mr. Putin, You’re Killing Me

Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin

Breitbart News took a look at the lighter side of Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday, reporting on a BBC report showcasing Putin’s ability to bring merriment to Russian children as he joked that “Russia’s borders don’t end anywhere” to delighted students from the Russian Geographical Society.

“That is a joke,” he clarified a moment later.

But the laughs continued. Breitbart reported that The Daily Mail reported that a Twitter user named Dmitry Kasatkin asked Putin, “Are we talking about culture here, or the S-400?” That question, much like the S-400 Russian air defense missile, was highly effective because it went over the heads of people outside of Russia’s borders.

Breitbart continued its reporting on the BBC report, stating that the BBC had found a more subtle example of Putin’s wit. Putin, once again delighting the room, cleverly referred to the Russian city of Burkina Faso by it’s old name, Upper Volta. Breitbart helped readers understand this whimsical folly, explaining that in its dying days, the Soviet Union was sardonically referred to as “Upper Volta with rockets”.

Breitbart readers intent on understanding the humor of the situation no doubt appreciated being clued in on the joke.

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