Trump and Pirro are Thick as Thieves

Trump PirroImage Source: Flickr

The thin line between Fox News  and the Republican Party got a little thinner yesterday, when Jeanine Pirro opened her show with a blistering attack on Paul Ryan, calling on him to step down as Speaker of the House.  This came just a few hours after President Trump plugged Pirro’s show, urging his Twitter followers to tune into “Justice with Judge Jeanine” at 9:00 that evening.

Trump’s tweet came a day after Republicans’ failed attempt to repeal Obamacare, having introduced and ultimately withdrawn the American Health Care Act (AHCA) bill.  The Huffington Post reports that hours after Trump’s tweet plugging her show, Pirro used her opening statement to downplay Trump’s role in the AHCA fiasco, and instead placed the blame for the bill’s demise squarely on Paul Ryan.

While there’s likely no shortage of blame to go around for the Republican AHCA debacle, Trump is especially vulnerable, having two other major failures already under his belt – the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, and Monday’s testimony by FBI Director James Comey refuting Trump’s baseless claim that Obama had wiretapped his communications.

But by promoting a show espousing views that are favorable to himself, Trump runs the risk of losing even more credibility.  Trump needs to tread lightly going forward, unless perhaps he thinks there is no longer any credibility left to be had.

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