Phoning It In

Trump Apple iPhonePhoto Credit: Gage Skidmore | Flickr

In yet another attempt to portray President Trump as the victim of undeserved derision and scorn by the mainstream media, the Breitbart News flacks reported Wednesday that President Trump withstood another media attack, this time from the network that previously aired Trump’s “The Apprentice” reality tv show.

Breitbart News reports that NBC News published an article attacking the president for switching from an Android handset to an iPhone.  The Breitbart article also downplayed Trump’s own attack on Apple in February 2016, when he called for a boycott of Apple during his presidential campaign.  The NBC News article illustrated how Trump’s move from Android to iPhone could be perceived as hypocritical, since he is now using a product that he had once tried to influence others not to use.

Trump’s call for an Apple boycott can be seen in this CNBC video.

Seemingly unaware of any perceived hypocrisy, the White House Director of Social Media touted the President’s switch from Android to iPhone on Tuesday on Twitter.

Trump has not publicly apologized for inciting the boycott of Apple or acknowledged that he is now using a product he had at one time encouraged others not to use.

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